Saturday, February 4, 2017

Through Mary's Eyes

While we were on holiday this week, I finally had the opportunity to show my wife some of the stone installations I and a number of other talented wallers created over a period of the last 9 years on this lovely coastal property near Gualala California. 

As she wandered around taking photos of some of the garden features and dry stone 'follies', I was able to sense again the excitement that comes at the moment all the stones have been fitted together and you stand back and know intuitively that the piece you've worked so hard to bring to completion has now 'taken flight'. Case in point is the 'Wing Wall' - a dry laid boulder and schist structure I designed for the front of the property.

While good stonework will always maintain its timeless feeling of 'rightness', it's an added treat to be there when  another person, having interacted with a particular dry stone installation for the first time, magically seems to 'get' it  - especially if that someone is someone you love.

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