Saturday, February 18, 2017

It's starting to look less rough.

The process of changing over to a traditional stone Rumford from a drab looking metal insert clad with concrete bricks can be a dusty and messy, but it's worth it. The exiting rough-in is still exposed and the new stone construction is still looking a bit untidy.

But here comes the new hearth.  It's made of heavy 3 inch thick granite. 

The raised hearth is not actually part of the Rumford design. It is more of a concession to expedience, as we pretty much have to rebuild everything starting at concrete floor level. 

Slowly but surely the stately look of well proportioned stonework emerges, imposing a more pleasing order and structure to the rough looking chaos of masonry behind.

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  1. "existing rough-in" if I am reading this correctly you forgot an "s".