Friday, February 10, 2017

Step right up for the Mystery Walls

Now and then modern dry stone wallers have mysterious projects that for some reason the details of which are not disclosed for a time . 

The ancient dry stone walls found around certain remote areas of San Francisco's East Bay, by contrast, remain more of a real mystery.

Mark and I stepped up to the top of Ed R. Levin County Park near San Jose in near blizzard conditions yesterday to try to find some of these amazing structures. After climbing to an altitude of over 2400 feet, through the fog we got several glimpses of very old lichen covered walls that nobody really knows who, why or even when they were built.

At one point we had to take cover on the leeward side of one of the walls during the worst part of the storm.

Perhaps some of these curvy mountain walls were originally built just for protection from the elements.

Perhaps they all originally linked up to create some kind of communication circuit enabling a thus far undocumented people to know where they were and be able to keep their bearings

Maybe the walls were for channeling energy.

Then again, what if the walls were part of an ancient civilization that required those coming of age, or those seeking enlightenment, to go off and spend month after month in these desolate hills working together (or alone?) to create this amazing network of stones, and so get 'fitter' (both physically and metaphysically), and return home more in touch with the real world and the things that really matter?    

Below are just some of the writings associated with people exploring and trying to uncover more about the walls. 


The ancient east bay mystery walls remain an ancient unsolved enigma. Often referred to as the “Great Wall Of California”, it still remains unknown who constructed the stone walls and for what reason. Could they be evidence that an ancient unknown advanced civilization once settled in the East Bay?
Ancient walls leading to a mysterious stone circle
Stretching for over 50 miles, the East Bay “Mystery Walls” are found up and down the hills of the East Bay from Berkeley to San Jose, USA. A 50 mile long wall is odd enough, but what if the wall was not alone?  What if there were other walls?  A chain of walls all along Northern California because as it turns out, there are other mysterious walls in North California but not just in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Instead these series of walls may stretch as far as the Oregon border. After meandering throughout the Oakland hills, the walls head inland towards Mt. Diablo where we encounter mysterious stone circles, up to 30 feet in diameter. In one place the walls form a spiral 200 feet wide that circles a large boulder.
Who were the mysterious builders of the Great Wall of California?
Some scholars who examined the ancient ruins proposed the stone walls are the work of settlers from Mongolia, as the Chinese tended to wall in their cities. Perhaps the mystery walls were reminiscent of the Great Wall of China. Did the Zheng Hue fleet which set out to circumnavigate the world reach California? Anchors found in Baja California, mysterious writings from a Buddhist monk in Meso America, even a sunken 17th century Junk found near Chico, all suggest the Chinese explorer was present in this part of the world.

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R. Swanson provided photographs of the East Bay Walls described in SF#38. The photo on the left shows a rather complete section, 5-feet high, on Mission Peak, Fremont, California. N. Fink is shown measuring this wall. On the right, one of the walls leads to a "hill fort" at an elevation of 1,400 feet. Two other walls terminate at this rock pile. This wall has obviously experienced the ravages of time. It is said that these walls were in place when the Spanish arrived.

Mystery Walls – Bison Weirs?

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