Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Visionary Stone

We should try to live in the geological present, not the past, which often contains merely remnants of things that have been over valued, over used, broken, discarded, and then most likely become completely irrelevant. 

Despite what the archelogists, the masonic-lodgists and the apologists of antiquity say, stones bring the 'NOW' to us. Their mere durability tells me too, that they are even more committed to the future.

While proponents of good stonework can respect the past, we must keep in mind that for stone to 'work' it must remain closely bound to what is going on in the here and now. 

Things like mass, gravity and friction have to be 'happening' constantly for there to be any structural strength, rather than relying on the inconsistencies of human conventions or the limitations of academic theorizing and historic backtracking. Distorting the past with conjecture and trying to explain away the backlog of mysteries on this earth left to us in stone by ancient civilizations far more clever than ours, only serves to distract us from our present task of discovering what is possible and necessary to do in this 'stone age'.

Armchair masons and parlimentary stonewallers, who need to slow things down and keep things together with rules and archaic regimes may not be very happy, but progress can only be made in the present. To discover 'experientially' something 'in the now', even if it just a fragment of what we used to know in the past, is better than merely thinking we know something.

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