Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Vertical and horizontal in miniature

Above are photos of sections of two different miniature circular walls I built basically out of random shaped course gravel that I had kicking around in a five gallon pail.

Both walls had their stones (if they had any length) placed lengthwise into the wall structurally, but the first had them placed so that they also lay relatively horizontally, and in the second wall they were placed as vertically as possible.

It so happened that the squirrels completely knocked down the first horizontally aligned wall when a bowl of stale Doritos  was inadvertently placed near it. The second vertical wall has not yet been subjected to any such 'accidental' test.

This is in part thanks to my grand daughter Lucy who made quite sure no squirrels 'bothered' the second wall when she was here visiting.  She and my grandson Andy ate all the Doritos : there won't be any stale ones.

But my bet is that, even if they squirrels do come, the vertical wall will sustain far less damage.


  1. Large horizontally placed stones can be lifted/moved into place by two medium sized persons. Medium to large vertically placed stones can only be lifted into place, above the first course, by one large strong person. Thanks again Ben :)

  2. Squirrel musta had a chip on his Boulder