Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Human Bobcat

It's breathtaking how large a stone can be hu-manhandled into place without having to bring some big noisy machine on site and then stand around and watch it take all the fun out of the job. 

This large 'tree dolly', which was specially designed and refitted with a thick metal plate to slip under boulders, does a great job of moving boulders. It's quiet and doesn't fill the air with diesel smoke. The things it can move with a little tugging and grunting is indeed 'breathtaking'.


  1. I thoroughly enjoy moving stones by hand - I don't need to make a living building walls, so the time I spent with stones is slow time - and therefore quality time. Moving a big one all the way from my stone yard also gives me a good feeling for its geometry and how it will be sitting in the wall.
    I recently got a dolly able to lift 200kg, and it does make the work easier. But I do resist offers from friends who offer to bring their machines!