Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Creation

The creative act - a two way exchange between man and stone.

Being creative is the highest form of human fulfillment. It beats any other kind of  're'creation. It is the opposite of so much of what we do instead - like 'wreck' creation. Some would argue that it is more important than 'pro'creation.

The creative act is vital. Other activities and endeavors rarely achieve the same level of satisfaction. No amount shopping, education, entertainment, competitiveness, or commitment to selflessness or selfishness will secure the sense of pleasure and purpose that comes with being involved in some form of creativity.

We are all supposed to be creative. It is our function. It is in our 

The biblical account in Genesis says that God created us in His image.  And there, 'in the beginning', is the first and most important clue we have to understanding His 'image'. His image is 'creativity' because He is creative, and thus any creativity including yours is essentially a reflection of God.

There are many ways to be creative, but working with stone is unique in that it allows human beings to explore their potential using the most elemental and rawest form of creativity - stone. 

Stone is more than a blank canvas to create on. It is more than the paint. It provides the inspiration as well. The very essence of stone contains within it an endless source of potential, both to be creative and to be created upon.

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