Saturday, April 2, 2016

Imagining Perfection

That perfect fit.
Should we always look for it ?
Imagining it can be made,
Deciding not to accept anything less,
Persuaded that there shall be no compromises,
And yet ironically there are.
Because we miss the opportunity to make use of so many other 'perfectly' good fits. 
- Fits that start and work and finish the job.  
And all the time, time is slipping away. 

And what in the end have we accomplished?
Essentially we’ve fussed and second guessed ourselves, 
While perfectly efficient combinations of fits have been forfeit  
And so rejecting much, we disallow what common sense provides.
That Space while always poking holes in ‘perfect' fits, will not make Time desist. 
The question is... 
Might we have made more perfect use of It?

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