Monday, December 21, 2015

'Bearly' Passing Inspection

A friend of mine who follows Thinking W. M. H. sent me this video. 

Mike has a friend who is a bush pilot up in Northern Canada and took this video a few years ago of a polar bear checking out a dry stone wall near the airport in Churchill, MB.

Thanks Mike for the clever caption too - 'Bearly' Passing Inspection. !

I wonder if readers might come up with other fitting 'polar puns' that would go with this video especially as we head into Christmas?

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  1. These walls were built by Brian Ladoon to mark an area where he breeds authentic eskimo dogs. Polar bears and the dogs seem to live in harmony behind these walls along with breathtaking views of the north. Brian showed us some splitting techniques that he'd adapted to glacial granites and greywacke bedrock. Nice guy!