Thursday, December 3, 2015

An Historic Workshop

This is a section of dry stone wall we completely rebuilt near  Balsam Lake, Ontario. Having been walling for years I had only only taught one class before this one. The wall is twelve years old now. I'm pleased to say that it still looks as good as the day the workshop was taught. 

The May 24 2003 Balsam lake seminar had been a great success even though it drizzled most of the day. I think the rain kept everyone from overheating and also kept the bugs away. We reminded ourselves too that most of the walls in Great Britain were probably built in the rain.

Interestingly enough, 
after attending this workshop one of the students, (the one in the orange raincoat) told me later, he liked it so much he decided he wanted to become a famous waller - and he did.