Saturday, September 12, 2015

Pink Granite

Here's the nice load of pink granite that was delivered yesterday for us to work with today at the Clayton N Y beginners dry stone walling across the border workshop. It came from a quarry not a mile away. As you can see it's all nice sizes, lovely shapes, right angles, flat faces - all waiting to be put into a dry stone structure which will be a curved wall seating area.The stones seem very friendly too. 

Everything looked like the workshop was going to go smoothly except …wait a minute. There was absolutely no hearting! Not one piece smaller than a chocolate box.
Luckily Jake made some calls and arranged for some of us to take a field trip to the quarry and gather bucket loads of hearting, loaded into the back of his pickup truck, enough small stuff to at least get started today. 

More hearting is promised to arrive by noon today. So were good!  Phew.

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