Friday, September 11, 2015

Hi and Dry ?

Flowerpot Island is an island in Georgian Bay, in the Ontario. It is a part of Fathom Five National Marine Park. The island  has a total area of 2 square kilometres (490 acres). The name of the island comes from two rock pillars on its eastern shore which look like flower pots

The natural flower pots are a type of sea stack, formed over many years as wind, rain, waves and ice hammered away at the cliff that once stood alongside the water’s edge.

The softer rock eroded more quickly, leaving the harder rock remaining in the shape of flowerpots with trees growing on top . 

The stone flowerpot in the sign is mortared and not 'naturally' formed ( not even even 'dry laid' I suspect ) but nevertheless is an imaginative structure to have been commissioned by the town to greet tourists to the area.

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