Friday, July 24, 2015

True to Form

" The Fyrish Monument on Fyrish Hill is a huge structure of three central arches and four flanking towers. It was built in 1783 by Sir Hector Munro - the local laird. He had been commander of British Forces in India, and defeated the Dutch at the Battle of Negapatam. On his return to the Highlands, the Clearances were underway and many people were starving. At that time, famine relief was provided only in return for work, for fear that feeding the starving would make them lazy, and the construction of the monument was one of the tasks given to the local destitute. It was said that Sir Hector rolled stones from the top of the hill to the bottom, thereby extending the amount of time worked and paying the laborers for additional hours. It is a replica of the gates of Negapatam, to enhance Munro's glory. From the monument, the views are awesome, with the whole sweep of the Cromarty firth below, from the North Sea right inland towards the great Ben Wyvis. 

True to form, John and then Fred somehow climbed up on top of one of the columns while the cameras clicked away, catching the boys at play." 

An excerpt from Linda Oswald's informative blog about the Tour of Old Stones that thirteen stone enthusiasts went on last may across Scotland. Fred, seen here pretending to be a statue, is Lind's husband

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