Friday, July 17, 2015

Revisiting the Kayak Storage/Parking Area

Back in November 2011 we started an unusual dry stone project that my friend Mikelos had envisioned for some time in order to better use the space on his tiny property more effectively. 

He needed to make an area to park his truck on top of a drop off that ran beside his house AND to store his three 16 foot long kayaks somewhere as well. 

The resulting arched chamber which was completed over several months was not only a success in terms of structure and efficiency of space, it also ended up looking beautiful. 

I revisited with him last week and took these final photos. It looks great now that everything has healed over. 

It reminds me of something I'd come across at the end of some narrow stone steps or arriving through a tiny stone passageway in the picturesque coastal village of DeiĆ  in Mallorca 


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