Friday, July 3, 2015

Breaking News

We live in a world hungry for breaking news.  A multimillion dollar news industry has been set up to encourage an insatiable appetite in us for anything it can persuade us into thinking is, or will be, a top story. 

People everywhere spend the greater part of the day reading the newspapers, checking Twitter and Facebook and watching TV, looking for 'new ' news. We want to be the first to know about it and we'd like to be the first to tell others too. We put so much pressure on ourselves and social media to come up with interesting stuff. 

Let's face it folks. Some days there's just not much happening!

But then I think to myself, here I am, happily working away on the 'dry stone rock pile', just shaping stones, and I realize that every day is just chock full of  'Breaking News'.  And it's all good. 

Every rock I break and shape is 'new' and useful. Every stone is needed in the creative wall building process and when I'm in the 'stone zone' it is entirely engrossing.

Nothing about building dry stone walls is old. It's all new. And the fresh breaks are part of what makes every day interesting.  

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