Sunday, May 31, 2015

Uncovering the big Ness of Brodgar

We had hoped to see the Ness of Brodgar on our 'Old Stones' tour of Scotland.

There's plenty of fascinating information written about it on several good web sites including this one. 

Experts are saying that this 5000 year old network of dry stone structures that has been uncovered used to be some sort of large a temple complex.

A lot of the pics on the internet showing the recent excavations there look something like the photo above.

Unfortunately when we arrived there it had been recently covered over and looked a bit 'messy'. 

Apparently the structure is being protected until the team returns to uncover more mysteries ( along with all the tarps and rubber tires )

Never mind we've seen plenty of other wonderful old stone structures here in Orkney, which I'm planning to post photos and details of in the next few days.

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