Monday, May 11, 2015

Not So Dry, Dry Stone Walling in County Mayo

The weather turned crazy on Sunday in County Mayo. Wind and rain made walling a bit of a battle. Our boots sank into the boggy soil and it was impossible to keep our feet dry. I don't think I have been that wet for a long time. 

Despite the rain and everyone worked diligently and cheerfully. There was a great sense of accomplishment and camaraderie throughout the entire workshop . The skies cleared by 4pm as we began the big push to finish the three gaps that we had first set about to repair on the Saturday morning. 

I think everyone did very well considering the weather and the fact that the stone selection at each gap had dwindled to nothing.

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  1. I live in Co.Mayo and really really want a dry stone wall (about 180 foot)I have stone on site from old collapsed dry stone field walls but a. I cannot find anyone b. Prices appear expensive and c. I'm too heavily pregnant to do it myself... any suggestions??