Friday, May 29, 2015

To 'be' or 'not to be' there

Our flight path two days ago

We did better yesterday.

To 'be' or 'not to be' (there)?
There is the question .
At some point we are not just getting there, we are in a state of totally being there.
With all the our flight delays, we've done a lot of extra traveling just to get to Scotland
It seems to have been about 'getting there' so far and while getting there is good, it is very obviously different from being there.
Being there is timeless
Being, and everything to do with being there, is way more real, more meaningful.

The in the in-flight film 'Being There' suggests that life is just a state of mind.My question is,  is it possible to completely do away with not being there ?"

Stones have got all this sort of thing covered. They are very there .
I think it's wrong for instance to talk about how long standing stones and ancient stone circles have been there.
Surely they just continue in a permanent state of being there ,
They are grounded in being.
They are very good at being there .
Perhaps they are waiting for us to transcend always trying to get there and merely enter that state of being there that they exude .
It's not a process
It's more about restraint , it's more like the opposite of a process, it's much more solid than that
Anyway after a long day of travelling. we are glad to be here now at least in Glasgow. 

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