Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Plantings make the stonework come alive

Thanks to Shelagh Lippay for her flora renderings of the garden wall we built, the photo of which I posted last Monday. 

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  1. Stone doesn't normally soften under the influence of something as delicate as a flower. A garden should reflect the strength of the stones' character. and plants will eventually establish an ability to wander curiously amongst it, moulding around the forms and shapes offering depth of softening shadows rich in vivid colours. Together they create a visual symphony as the colours become instrumental throughout the seasonal quartet.
    Spring bulbs awaken the lichen on the rockface. *Sedums will always find their place in stone. *Ferns have graced the hard surfaces of earth since time began, they will never look out of place on a stone. *Perennials are the intruments that serenade a garden throughout the calendar year. *Shrubs are the stalwarts of structure providing a softened backdrop to blooms. *Trees give a reason for a wall to creak and groan under its influence but not to be shaken out of place. A dry stone waller will appreciate the tree in a field when his day of gapping needs a break from the elements. .Shelagh Lippay