Friday, January 16, 2015


Hello John, I hope you are well. Someone brought one of your blog entries to my attention, and I thought it deserved a comment. 

There is no limestone in this project. What you are calling limestone is a banded granitic gneiss from the Huntsville area. It is a metamorphic stone with mineral content similar to granite, but has had its crystals rearranged so as to allow splitting on fairly parallel “beds” that resemble sedimentary bedding planes. An easy mistake to make, but if you look closely, I think you will see that it is not limestone. 

The material is often marketed as “Muskoka Granite”. You can google it by that name on the interweb and read all about it. It usually shows more colour than here. I will try to find a better picture for you.

The boulders were found on site. Some of them are granite as you point out (e.g. the pinkish one just right of centre), and there are various other kinds of glacial debris. We split them up and worked them in as we went along (“waste not - want not” you know).

Otherwise your piece raises interesting issues that are bound to inspire discussion. I’ll save my own further remarks until we can sit down with a couple of pints -- something to look forward to.

I tried several times to submit a response on your blog, but I’m not that tech-savvy – couldn’t make it work. I hope you will post this as a clarification in order to avoid widespread misunderstanding.

Awfully nice of you to mention a project of mine John; thank you very much and all the best in 2015. Augustus Butterfield.