Thursday, September 11, 2014

Unlimited Hearting

Yesterday we took apart a 30 foot long damaged section of eight foot wide wall.  We repaired the back part first (the forest side)  by removing the tumbled big stones and setting them behind us all the while tossing the hearting up onto middle of the wall .

Avalanches happen occasionally.

When we get down far enough to rebuild a firm base we began rebuilding the wall using the same boulders laid always into the wall . We could easily reach for hearting  for fitting and pinning behind the boulders . There was always lots of different material directly in front of us at waist level .

The finished repair is more obvious because it is semi coursed and looks newer because many of the stones are placed differently do not always show their darkened weathered faces .


  1. John,
    under these circumstances, are you still making an effort to prepare a deeper trench, backfilled with gravel for the base? From the photo it's hard to tell if it's trenched down,
    Appears to be in the foreground, not so much by your foot

    1. At no point did we need to go lower than the first course of stones so we used the same base that was there I don't think gravel was used. All these walls were built right on the dirt or in some cases over the bedrock