Sunday, September 28, 2014

Recycled Material

Sean Donnelley recently completed this lovely curved dry stone feature using only the stones that he found laying around the garden area on his client's property. It's difficult when you only have a limited amount of material to create something magical, especially if it's all reclaimed. Add to that the difficulty of building with round stones and having to come to level at such a short height of wall, and the whole thing becomes even more of a feat. 

Wallers get a bit spoiled picking and choosing from the tons of beautiful quarried square limestone that's available in Southern Ontario. Good stone can be delivered to any job.  

While it is very difficult to work with a very limited pallet of material, such as Sean used here, the results are often more stunning because the projects require much more skill and reflect a lot more creative problem solving.


  1. the further edge resembles the feather fletching on an arrow and is fantastic.
    I hope whatever gets planted there is low growing and doesn't hide that beauty. Bob W