Friday, January 17, 2014

Welcome To The Wallness Centre

The next town east of where we live calls itself  'The Wellness Capital of Ontario' 

I dislike the word 'Wellness' 
It seems so contrived - so affected. 

By contrast I have a better word.

It's called 'Wallness' 

As I ponder the quality of 'wallness' I imagine an ad promoting holistic health and relief from the kinds of stress wallers sometimes encounter. 

It would focus mostly on discontented wallers who are not doing beautiful work and think they might have lost their mojo 

Are u stressed out?
Are your walls stressed out?
Is the tensile nature of your stonework over burdensome. 
Are your walls badly battered?
Is it a battle to build them?
Are your walls looking overworked.
Are they too course or too coursed.
Are you trying too hard to build like everyone else

Are you tired of tasteless work 
Of things that are done in poor taste
That are Not beautiful?

What You need is a NEW Aesthetic 

Come to the Wallness Centre

Work with some new material - New Extractions

Begin reconnecting with your own creativity. 

Start connecting the dots again.

Take some time and start playing with stones instead of fighting with them.

Get the full Treatment

Experience once more the restorative power of stone.

Technicians are here to help you relax and throw off the stress of trying to fit in with what everyone else does and just start fitting well again.

Visit our site KeepWallingAndStay.Com For all your Wall-being 

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  1. Sounds better than the Stiles Anonymous.. I heard it's a 12 step program.