Saturday, January 25, 2014

Paul Lindhard

Paul Lindhard has a creative relationship with stone. He understands how to let this silent timeless material speak for itself. Many of his unique sculptures can be seen on his website and at a special stone viewing park called Art City in Ventura, where he and I first met about 5 years ago during a stone symposium . 

Paul has also been invited to to come to Gualala and build a couple of his 'Light Cairns' which are made of colourful blocks of travertine. I have been checking in on Paul and his helper Raphael on my breaks, watching as the dry stone towers get higher and higher.  We are going to enjoy seeing these light cairns lit up this Saturday night.

It's as if Paul is merely helping the stone in the cairn to stretch upward and become part of the tall red wood forest.

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