Sunday, January 26, 2014

Bridge Brillance

Yesterday large buff coloured dimensional copestones were shaped by a couple of the guest masons working with me this week at Gualala and then lowered carefully onto the bridge with a Gradal, while a crowd of about thirty people looked on. 

The east parapet was now completed enough that the form could be removed  stone by stone  (that is, all the temporary stonework below the white travertine arch you can see in the photo ) and all the inner arch voussoirs and the large open space below the bridge was eventually revealed. 

This probably was the crowning moment of the 'People With A Passion for Stone' event yesterday as people cheered and the live music concluded with a version of Bridge Over Trouble Water. 

Many of the unique stone projects being worked on by artists and masons on display at yesterdays event (including the bridge) will likely be completed by the end of next week.

Unfortunately the brilliance of sun all day yesterday made it difficult to take good photos. The weather here has not been very good for taking pictures for most of last week.


  1. Fantastic! If I understand correctly, the bridge was widened with the second arch. How was the new stone tied to the original stone? Btw, it's been a blizzard here (Ontario) all week... sorry to hear about your sun problems!!!

    1. The travertine arch stones were corbelled over the original red sandstone arch so that they could support the new wider parapet stonework above .

  2. That is absolutely stunning John. A very creative approach to widening the top and adding another dimension to the archway. Wish I could have with ness the unveiling.