Sunday, December 8, 2013

Working in Stone Paradise

There was some seriously chunky walling going on in Stone Paradise at the DSWAC 'Weekends for Cheekends' event in London Ontario yesterday. 

Really huge random blocks of quarry stone were feather and wedged down to sizes where hammer sets busted them into cubes the sizes of micro waves.

Akira Inman, Andre Lemieux, Kenny Davies and John Bland (all certified DSWA Canadian wallers) did some amazing squaring up of the stone and rallied to build what is looking like a unique signature Canadian dry stone wall style.

Night time came and 6 of us kept working with plenty of flood lights and heavy rock music.

Wallers have way more fun than any of the other building trades.

Stones break better too after the sun goes down and it starts to get colder.

Thanks to Stone Paradise, Spearhead Beer, Kenny Davies and his parents for hosting this very cool event. Cheers guys !  More fun coverage and photos the 'other' cheekend to follow.


  1. It's good to see that the younger generation of wallers are all wearing safety glasses. Something maybe the older rebel generation can emulate.
    Looks like a fun time being had by all. Happy walling.

  2. Traditionally all quarry work took place in winter. Freezing water to split stone and ice on the road to skid the inventory. Wish I was part of this walling crew. Great job!

    1. Thanks T J
      Maybe there will be an opportunity one day for you to be able to join us .