Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Weekends are for Cheekends

Kenny Davies has organized a creative dry stone walling weekend in London Ontario coming up this weekend. He calls it Weekends are for Cheekends. The objective as he has explained it to me over the phone is to build " ..a few stints (sections) of wall, 2 or 3 depending on the number of attending wallers. The stone in each wall will be segregated based on geography. All stone will be local, or fairly local.We will be using different styles of foundations and copes on each wall."

I asked if we would be building any unusual cheekends. Say with small arch niches in them or a stiled wall with the end graduating down to the ground, like this one I did recently. 

Kenny figured London was pretty conservative and this time we should concentrate on the standard style of wall as demos.

He did add. " In the future we could build drystone BMX jumps... Surprise the kids!"

The stone yard where this is being held is Stone Paradise and is on 1990 Oxford st East London Ontario .  I'll see you there.

Let Kenny know if you are coming.

Kenny has already prepared cheekend 'footprints' in the frozen London sod.

A load of huge sizes of local stone from a quarry in Woodstock arrived yesterday