Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Irish reluctance to build the arches.

Patrick McAfee and I were talking about this very old bridge in Dingle Ireland a while back and we remarked at how the opening begins as corbeling and then switches part way up to be built more like a true arch . He said he thought it demonstrated the deep inherent mistrust the Irish had for the roman arch when it came along. They much preferred to keep using lintels and corbeling in their architecture.


  1. If you grew up in a town called Dingle, you wouldn't trust anyone either.

  2. Not far from put a County Cork in it. Stop the dam thing from running.

  3. John and Pat (if you're out there): the bond changes in this bridge. I wonder if this was once a corbelled structure and suffered a collapse, and then was arched with smaller stones? It would make sense that, if this was the case, the lower corbels would stay put while the upper mass would drop in a V pattern, as suggested by the larger stones. I wonder if the corbels that stayed were called the Dingle Danglers, and were the bane of anglers? Ha. Dingle has a very interesting history...I bet if you compared the fieldstone within a mile left and right of the bridge you could figure who fixed it!