Monday, November 11, 2013

Jason Hoffman - On finishing a wall.

Finished wall with turf top

Sometimes when I finish building a wall people ask me if I'm happy with it. 
Usually I am, but then there are things I think I've learned along the way and might have done differently next time. 

I asked Jason Hoffman how he felt about this his latest wall now that he'd finished it. ( I had a particular interest in the wall, as I had the pleasure of helping build the cheekend in the photo above, when I was visiting Jason in Scotland last October. ) Anyway, here is what he wrote back.

I love the process of building but feel terrible when I finish.  I guess on the big jobs you spend many days at the same location, talking to the clients and the neighbours, using their kitchen and toilet, that you start to feel part of the place.  And then when you finish the work, you look at the completed work and go “eek”.  I wish I had made the wall elliptical.  I wish it had been more pronounced height changes.  I wish I had coursed that bit more.  I wish the batter had been more consistent.  Etc etc etc.  However, the client loves it, the neighbours love, and the passers-by love it!  I’m glad to finish and move on.  I am being over-self critical! 

Thanks Jason for the photo of the finished project and letting us see a little more into the life of a waller too.

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  1. I feel the same way. Finishing a project today and I feel like it's "my wall" that is somehow being left at the client's home. The first half of the build they spoke about it as my wall and somewhere along the way it became their wall. I feel like I'm abandoning a pet at some new friend's home. Thank God they seem to love it enough to care for it in perpetuity.