Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Same wall material - Two different wallers

Any thoughts?


  1. guy on the left uses his/her hammer more often, tolerates less gaps.

    I try and avoid funny shaped gaps myself...but actually the right side looks fine to me.

  2. both sides have are admirable. The right side for the rustic beauty that the recesses of a natural stone wall provide. The left side for the skills of the chiseler that shaped the stones for tight fits. If the left side wall was taken to it's logical conclusion- each stone would be trimmed to a perfect rectangle and be made into a brick shape and the wall would perhaps begin to diminish in beauty

  3. hmmm. well, one (R) has been photographed in better lighting conditions, it looks and probably is, the better wall. the other (L) has running joints and a major 'zipper' comprised of several inadequately lapped joints. is it not so?