Saturday, January 5, 2013

What would Andy do?

The rules are really simple...

I post a scene ( in this case this photo of stockpiled buckets is the first one, but in future it can be any material such as plant forms, building material, tools, or repeated landscape elements or whatever) and you're invited to post a comment to propose ideas (inspired by the photo) as to what kind of new Andy G-worthy art could be created with the things in the photo. Solutions, artistic applications, whimsical constructions, even improvements are all encouraged. The person with the best suggestion (it can be just an idea or an actual visual rendering ) becomes the winner, and will be asked (via email) to send in their choice for the next 'stockpile' photo which I will then post some time later to be the next WWAD picture.


  1. Where do we send out submissions?

  2. Don't know about Andy, but the first thing I'd do is write my name on them before you thieving wallers stole all my buckets. jscott

  3. Ok,bear with me...What if we cut the bottoms out of the pails. Then we cut the sides lengthwise(top to bottom) into quarters.
    We could build a callade or a surface drain with them.Bury the pieces lengthwise into the ground with maybe a Quarter inch sticking out.Keep them closely spaced and staggered,bed them in stone dust or pulverized brick. Would look hideous in front of a house or natural setting,but it could work in an urban or an industrial setting. I'm from New Jersey, and only a few miles from the Meadowlands. Trust me ,this is feasible.

  4. Nice. 'Calade' is a new word to me. Why not just drill holes in the buckets ( for drainage) and bury them that way do the same thing?