Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Stone games # 2

At the end of December I did a couple posts - Scores of Standing Stones. Stone Games  and Climbing Stones - not such a new idea  where I discussed the likelihood that primitive megalithic sites might not be built for just religious or astrological purposes but rather for various sports activities. 
I think the evidence is compelling enough to continue the exploration into other relics of what might have been 'stone games' played in primordial times.  But first let's look at this neat video to see how small dominoes can set other huge monoliths in motion.

So here I have visualized four, new, ten foot high, 50 ton sarsen 'domino' stones like the type used at the Salisbury Games. While many of these huge stones can still be found standing around, most of the dots have worn off them due to thousands and thousands of years of weathering.

The ancient version of the game would probably have been played very slowly.
Pieces would have had to have be hauled onto the Salisbury Playing area with ropes and rollers using a great number of people.

I imagine when they weren't playing the standard game of 'mega-dominoes' they might, just for fun, have spent time standing them up and stacking them in circles and spirals. Then they would knock one over and watch as the rest fell over, one after another.  I wonder if the sarsens at Stonehenge were spaced too far apart the last time they played the game and that's why there are so many still left standing?

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