Sunday, January 20, 2013


In September of 2009 at StoneFest a yearly event put on by Marenakos Rock Centre in Issaquah, Washington  About  a dozen enthusiastic letter carvers got together under the leadership of master letterer Karin Sprague to learn more and to practice their craft by cleverly creating a unique stone version of the well known board game Scrabble. 

A large scrabble board painted on an eight foot by eight foot canvas tarp. The six inch by six inch by two inch 'Scrubble' letters as Karen called them were carved from blocks of limestone. 

The font was a 3rd century Celtic design in the Uncial style. Each StoneFest letter carving participant made at least one tile. 

At the end of the weekend all the carvers played a friendly round of Scrubble 

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