Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Thanks for giving and sharing your thanksgiving

More and more walling friends from all over the world participate each year in our Canadian Thanksgiving dry stone festival.
To those of you who have made it a bit of a tradition now to attend these DSWAC festivals, I would like to again give my thanks. Your contributions are immensely appreciated.  Many of the projects we took on this year at our Festival of Stone would not have been completed and the whole energy of the festival would have been much diminished if those mentioned below (and many more)  had not made the sacrifice to come and participate. 
Thanks again to Chris Barclay and David Claman and Akira Inman and Andres Lemieux

To Scott Young and Danny Woodward and Matt Jones and Gavin Rose

And William B and Dan Breton and Bill and Jacqui Jeffers

To Jason

To the guys at Rubes who cooked such great meals

To Carlan Stants

To Thea Alvin and Mike

To Frank Anjo 

To Norman Haddow and Shona McLeod

To Mary and Maddy

To Sean Adcock and Brenda

And to Patrick McAfee

and to Peter Goulet , Evan Oxland, Margot Miller, Drummond, Joanne, Craig from Derusha, Brett, Eric, Karl, Dan, Shim, John B, Bruce, John Henry, Phil and Lee, Hilary, Ben, Tarik, Menno, Rebecca, Jordan and the many many other wonderful people who helped make this Thanksgiving a magical time.