Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Piper On Festival Bridge


  1. Now this photo is a nice tribute to Norman Haddow and other Scotsman that were present at the Montreal Festival. There is something very formal about the bagpipes that lends itself to such a structure such as your dry stone bridge.
    I was hoping that you could put in a recommendation for me to professionally landscape the immediate surrounds with plant material that would naturally be found in a river bed. It needs to be grounded somewhat so that it too has the sense of place. Norman recently posted a bridge that clearly shows how a small amount of flora can really connect the hard and soft elements together.
    Thank you in advance JSR for this consideration.
    Yours truly, Shelagh Lippay

    1. Shelagh I will forward your suggestion/request to the property owners and give them your address.

  2. I'm so jealous... I'm a stone lover and mason, living in the south of Portugal, where stones were used as an important construction material in the past. Being a gardener, I find that anything built with stones help to create a perfect balance in all the different projects. And the satisfaction I get from doing this kind of work can't be described... Your last posts made me feel so happy and I wish I could be part of such a team. here I feel quite alone, because people tend to see this kind of work as old fashioned, but I keep following this way, even though my back hurts... Thank you for sharing what you do and your passion. If you wish, visit me at my blog:
    All the best.