Monday, October 1, 2012

Nuit Blanch - Have you ever heard an arch?

Nuit Blanch, an all night art media event, 'happened' in Toronto last Saturday night.
Inman and Oxland provided a wonderful venue for us to participate in some very spontaneous walling activity. A dry stone wall was 'started' on the sidewalk in front of Woofitt's Art Enterprises and it with the help of about 15 Canadian dry stone wallers gradually 'moved' west to east, stone-by stone from (right to left) to join up with a waiting cheek end on the other side of the parking lot. All the while graffiti artists painted the wall and  D J's blasted techno dance music into the air. At one point the wall effortlessly vaulted over an arch form which was then quickly removed amidst cheers of  "Let me hear an 'Arch'." It certainly was the one of quickest arches I've ever been involved in building. I'm glad I didn't hear any ouches.