Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Rock Paper Scissors

The photo of these boulders reminds me of the classic children's game Rock Paper Scissors and the three part relationship of creativity (expressed through thinking with our hands).

Let's consider the game in the case of those of us who work with stone.

-What is it are we have chosen to be creative on/with ?  Rocks. We need them.

-Paper ? - it is the outstretched fingers of our HANDs. That's us. What we bring to to the rocks. Our knowledge, our skill, our enthusiasm. Farley Mowat shared something about this once. He said  "While we get something mysterious from the rocks, we give something back to them too."

-The Tools - are what we use to fashion the material - it may not be SCISSORS- but it could be a hammer, a pneumatic chisel, a saw , maybe just a long pry bar or whatever we use to be creative.

For there to be creativity there has to be other things come into play too - synchronization, freewill, timing and spontaneity. The rules are simple and allow for an orderly progression to determine a undisputed result. 

For the game to be rewarding and make any sense these elements Rocks Hands and Tools alternate dominance over one another.

When the three are combined in the right proportions something of significance is left behind for others to be inspired by.