Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Point of View

It is conceivable that the relevance of a person’s own point of view is proportional to the relevance of the view he allows himself to appreciate. 

Granted, there may not always be vistas to inspire us within walking distance, like the spectacular scenery one can see in parts of Yorkshire, but we can pause and breath in the beauty, if only from a photograph like this. The patchwork pattern of stone walls and pasture spreading out beyond our vantage point suggests that perfection may well come in packages or clusters. 

The particular scene we are enjoying, seems for the moment like it could not be improved upon and yet we know just a few more paces down the hill, or a further amble along the path, there will be another splendid moment. How can something so perfect as the particular stone wall we see before us be not depreciated, or conversely, become even more distinguished, as a result of its own rugged structural elegance appearing to be commonly reproduced throughout the countryside. 

Why is it so expansively satisfying instead of boring or exhausting? If it were just an abundance of natural wonders like mountains or lakes, or endless stretches of shoreline, the majesty would be no less spectacular, but when we see (something so rare as) nature, seemingly improved upon by mankind, and on such a large scale, we can only be amazed and a bit humbled, that the universe should let us participate in its propensity for enrichment rather than exploitation.


  1. "that the universe should let us participate in its propensity for enrichment rather than exploitation"
    So true! Nice post.

  2. Thank you for your comment cedarpinewood. I like the way you phrased it.

  3. The quotation marks in cedarpinewords' comment demarcate it as your own phrase liked by you.
    Mother nature is the true artist to form, function, purpose, and wonderous beauty. We as humans can only just try to augment her creations, but usually fall short as our own egos tend to hyperbolize her simplicity.