Friday, January 27, 2012

Remembering how it all comes together.

It was one year and one week ago today that we began assembling an unusual pyramid shaped structure that I had designed two years previously involving two triangular dry stone walls with stones laid 'on the bias' and leaning diagonally away from two  Gothic arches

Sean Adcock was invited to join us back then too to assist with many of the measurements and the setting up the guide poles and string lines as well as helping in the first week of construction. The two larger boxy red sandstone bases at the ends of the triangle had to be set in the earth at a forty-five degree angle in order to lay all our slanted stones on.

David Claman was also there that year working hard and seeing to it that the original north wall was completed over the two weeks we were there in California.

David and Sean joined me this year again to build the second wall and create the cobble-pitched inner courtyard area.


  1. Looking at these stones, the design, the planning, the execution....I'm drooling like a crack-head awaiting the next hit. You're my winter pharmacist supplying me with these illicit pictures to keep me stoned! I'm addicted, so you'll have to keep the rocks coming. Thanks!

  2. My client Peter says your words are not lost on everyone here in the Emerald Triangle.

  3. yup... what danp said... Thank you.