Saturday, December 31, 2011

Venus Gate In December

I just found this photo taken this week by Louise Knight-Warn of the Venus Gate we built at Hart House Farm during our 2011 Festival of Stone. I thought it was worth sharing here. I like to think of this shot as representing a wonderful year of great accomplishments here in Canada in the realm of dry stone walling. The festival was certainly the crowning achievement but there were other memorable events and projects throughout the year.

As I look at this dry stone entrance way lit up festively in green and red lights I peer on through the  opening into the darkness. I realize the future, though unknown, has a lot of direction to it already. The momentum is there. I know everyone who got involved with dry stone walling across Canada this year is looking forward to what we've got planned for the new year. It looks like there will be a number of interesting walling collaborations, including some free walling events, new workshops, a walling tour of Mallorca and plans in the works for our upcoming 2012 festival to be held near Ottawa.

One thing I have realized however is that it's better not to post (boast?) about things that haven't happened yet and indeed might not materialize at all. This arch way, this 'opening' of the present is certainly enough to celebrate. Our past achievements as an organization have encompassed much of the resurgence in dry stone walling here in Canada.   Through this beautiful 'gate' there may well be a universe of possibilities but shining here in the dark it represents a testament to nine years of skilled collaboration and well channelled enthusiasm amongst wallers throughout Canada. This structure is a guide post, even in a wintry storm. It provides a realistic reference point to proceed from.