Thursday, December 15, 2011

BEETLEMASONRY Remastered Rock Rolling

Photo by Brad Bolton 1995

Thanks to Nancy Wisser for sending this amazing photo yesterday of a stone clad Volkswagen Beetle .

When I enquired to know more about it, Nancy  sent this from her brother.

"The whole episode of the construction of the Stone VW is revealed by the owner in a book titled simply "My Bug".   The editor, Michael J. Rosen, has collected the stories of dozens of VW owners.  Stephen Gibian was the builder and the year was 1976.   There was a rusted hulk of a 60's Beetle in the field and, nearby, the remains of a stone foundation.   Put them together, and...voila!   The book has additional photos of the construction stages as well as descriptive text, e.g.:  "The windows were slabs of stone found at a local quarry..."

You can find the book at Amazon.Com.   The other stories contain lots of memories of Beetles long-gone, but it's worth getting just for the Stone VW story.
The book is ISBN 1-57965-135-6"


  1. W(i)sser. But who's spelling? Anyway,this thing is so cool. Would love to know how and when the idea appeared in the builder's mind, what stones were speaking to him.

    1. buy his book and you will know all the answers

    2. Spelling is fixed. My apologies Nancy

  2. Thanks for sharing this John!

  3. buy the book and you will know all the answers

  4. Just found the site. Great I live in Western Tanzania, East Africa. Around our area we have fantastic stone available and would like to learn the basic's on Dry Stone Wall Construction. Plan is to build a small house, a barn and have a stone wall around the house and barn. Pointing me in the right direction would be a great help! Thanks