Monday, September 26, 2011

Ugly stone - beautiful wall.

U K waller Danny Woodward joined us on the second day of our DSWAC workshop in Metchosin B.C. He admitted to finding the gnarly brown stone we were building with hard to get his head round. He described the stone as very ugly but also said the final result looked surprisingly pleasing and formal looking.

The caliber of walling students we had for Dr Dan's gate wall project was first rate. They meshed well together and learned a lot about walling in a way that incorporated angled faces and random diamond shaped granite. 

We chose not to try to 'work' the stone very much at all. The final result, though not coursed, was structural and had a pleasing flow to it.

Thanks to the three Dans Raphael David Noah Christopher and Andy for all their help in making the workshop a success and a lot of fun.