Thursday, September 8, 2011

Assorted Chocolate Stones.

I visited Kay's bridge last Tuesday on the way back from the walling demonstration we did in Ottawa on the Labour Day weekend. This is the dry stone bridge we built during the four day 2010 Rocktoberfest near Rockport Canada. The unusual 'chocolate limestone' material we used for much of the bridge construction including the walkway, was supplied by Upper Canada Minerals. It is much browner than most dolomite limestone.

It was great to see how sweet everything looked on this visit. The bridge looked yummy. The walking surface particularly, was dancing in colour. The pitched stones were picking up the dappled rays of the early afternoon September sunlight. It was looking very much like something out of a children's fairy tale. The individual stones could have been assorted candy-coated chocolates arranged along the curved top of a giant stick of licorice . It all looked good enough to eat.