Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rock TV

Yesterday a TV crew from Toronto drove up to film a segment about dry stone walling across Canada. The interview went very well. We looked at several dry stone structures in the Port Hope area. There are some really unusual ones within a five mile radius of here including three bridges, several dry stone trees, a folly ruins, two stone-roofed sheds, a vaulted behive hut, a couple of circular walled enclosures on town property and a dry stone pre-viking boat-dwelling. If you are ever driving through this way you might want to check some of these out. Definitely bring your camera (crew).

Thanks Vincci Chung of Fairchild Television for taking the time to find out more about 'walls without mortar' for your viewers to enjoy. www.fairchildtv.com

Maybe one day there will be a full time documentary TV channel in Canada focusing entirely on all things pertaining to walling and stone structures. Rock celebrities could have their own prime time shows.

Just thinking with my hands again.

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