Friday, July 29, 2011

Call me Shore-Rimmington

Finished up the shore line job yesterday at Chemong Lake near Bridge North Ontario. The weather was markedly hot and the water was lukewarm. The wall was built up from the lake bed (below the surface of the lake) to rise a full thirty inches above seaweed level. We used all the stones that were there originally plus about four tons of material we brought in.

Working along a lake in July was just about the best way to stay cool as a waller here in Southern Ontario. Temperatures were in the high 30's for several of the days we worked here. Our permit required that the wall be built at this time, apparently allowing for the fact that most of the fish in the lake would have spawned by this time.

When all the fish come back from their honeymoon they'll be surprised to see their new surroundings all shored up, which may make for stimulating conservation and probably whet their appetite to see more dry stone habitat created along the lake rather than concrete or huge armour stone barriers.

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  1. Stimulating conservation and stimulating conversation!