Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Kind of Perfection

I went to visit Kay's Bridge yesterday, Dominion Day. I imagined a visitor might have thought they were looking at an old Canadian heritage structure.

( Use the Search button on the right or See- More Water Under The Bridge for more information about this project)

It looked perfect nestled in the July greenery of this world biosphere reserve Landon Bay Centre. It looked perfect because it didn't look new. It had character. It wasn't annoyingly precise or glaringly straight. The bridge works structurally and looks fine without being in competition with its surroundings.

For those who would like to see it some day, it's about a half mile on the right, along Cross Cemetery Road north off the 1000 Islands Parkway east of Gananoque.

Kay's Bridge is on the far left of this map.
The red marker indicates the Frontenac Arch Centre.
A dry stone arch we built almost a year before the bridge project,
is situated there along the Parkway and is worth having a look at too.

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