Friday, May 20, 2011

Thinking on top of the box

We made this miniature dry stacked wood block arch last weekend. It was strong enough that I could virtually stand on it too. Who needs Photoshop?


  1. Nice John. You are ascending to a higher state, you have great kung-fu! :)

  2. John - I just came across your wonderful blog while doing research for a series of paintings I am doing titled "The Stones Speak." Could you clarify the definition of heartstones for me? I believe that I read that it was the tiny stones used as fill in dry walling...I love it as the name of a painting but don't want to mess it up! I blog or you may email me at Many thanks. more later

  3. Hi Cindy

    Did I ever get back to you about your question of heart stones?

    Hearting refers to the careful packing of interior stones in a dry stone wall.

    The bigger stones are usually shimmed and pinned by heart stones to keep them in place and aligned properly.

    A good wall is built with these smaller interior stones each placed individually by hand.

    There is no way one can just dump fill or rubble into the inside of a wall and do it with any heart.

    How did your painting turn out?


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