Thursday, May 5, 2011

The feeling of wonder.

My grandson Andy and I like to go for adventures in the woods near our house . We usually build forts out of branches and imagine living there in the forest but this time we discovered an old stone foundation of what must have been a small cabin. It was well tucked away in the underbrush which is probably why we had never stumbled upon it before. Many of the stones had fallen out of the foundation but the stones in the parts of the walls that were still standing looked to be well fitted and strong.

There is something magical about old stone barn and house foundations. I can remember even when I was very young seeing old stone buildings and standing inside these kind of half fallen down structures and experiencing a kind of far away feeling. It isn't something you can describe. It's just a sense that you have, and others who have felt and know that same feeling can relate to it I'm sure.

The walls of stone Andy and I discovered that winter's day brought back some old memories of hanging around ruins and feeling like the stones were speaking to me, and it seemed to me for a brief moment Andy experienced a similar feeling of wonder.

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