Friday, February 11, 2011

Stone made meals. #1

T.J. of Sydney Peek explained to us that flaming does not work on their quartzite-schist material for some strange reason. I had already found this out as we had tried to flame a piece to get rid of the saw marks and nothing happened. Usually you can make it nice and flaky. It occurred to me (carrying through on the farm-quarry produce analogy) that a good 'stone made meal' of 'schist kabob' might never get cooked properly?

Please send in more ideas of stone foods and menu creations that might make for a good solid meal.


  1. How about some gneiss sandwiches washed down with mineral water.

  2. How does granite cobbler sound?

  3. What rock is eaten on almost a daily basis?
    Answer: Salt

  4. prosaicly...lava bread, rock cakes, limes(tone),grits(tone), how about washing it down with stonewall wine,
    obtusely...meat cooked by me (tuff), obscurely... oolites
    very obscurely... enderbite,
    extremely obscure spelling mistakes that probably only I see the relevance of...migmatite and psammite

  5. All 'hearty' foods for a waller. Thanks guys.