Monday, February 7, 2011

Leader of the Packers.

Being someone who builds walls without mortar and knows very little about football it's understandable that while here in the states I would have to take up cheering for the Packers during yesterday's Super Bowl. The 'green' team symbolized all the good things about dry stone walls and the activity of walling in general, yes even with with all its thrills and spills.

Just think of all the similarities and all the packing that goes on. The team packed the stands with their fans. Every play was packed with excitement. It was an action packed game right to the end. And Green Bay packed a punch to send the other team home packing.

Walling too is all about packing. The clever decisions, the deft movement of the hands and body, the placement of the rocks, all of these activities are directed to doing a good job of packing. You can't be fumbling around. You can't afford to miss your 'field goal', to complete the yardage and still put up a good defense. All of this involves a great amount of skill and perseverance even just for a couple of yards.

The packers of this world scored a victory yesterday. They didn't leave any wiggle room for doubt or indecision. They didn't leave space for things to collapse and fall apart. They did the job relying on the strength of their own bodies without giving in to an opposition representing 'Steel' and hollow technology. We packers are celebrating their win and all feeling like the 'leaders of the pack'.

As a bit of a footnote; the team was first known as the Indians, but soon became the Green Bay Packers, after the meat-packing company which put up money for uniforms and equipment in the team's first couple of years.

I'm still thinking packing meat can't be very different from packing stones either?

But maybe that's another blog.

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